The Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of the female genital is more common. There are many surgeries as follows.

1) Repair of the hymen membrane

2) Reduction of the Labia minora (Inner fold skin of the vagina)

3) Reduction of the Labia majora (outer bulged skin of the vagina)

4) Augmentation of the Labia majora

5) Reconstruction of the Clitoris

6) Vaginoplasty to make the vagina tight and to increase the vaginal fold

Among this vaginoplasty is very common,Even though it is practised for many many years, it is very common in this last decade.

Materials & Methods:

After delivery of the child through the vagina, the vaginal muscles become weaker and the vaginal skin becomes loose and the vaginal opening becomes bigger. This can be corrected by repairing the torn or weak muscles and by removing the excess vaginal loose inner skin and narrowing the vaginal hole. Hence the canal can be made tighter and orifice can be made smaller. Along with vaginoplasty, fat fill can also be done to augment the labia majora, to give beautiful contour and cushion effect.

Under local anaesthesia and IV sedation, by lithotomy position.An incision is made in the muco cutaneous junction of the vaginal orifice between 3’o clocks to 9’o clock. Then mucosa is dissected from the posterior vaginal muscles upto vaginal fornix.

The loose vaginal muscle is sutured by double breasting method, to strengthen the tone of the canal. Then the excess mucosa is excised in a triangular fashion. The incision sutured is closed longitudinally. About 30cc of fat is extracted from the abdomen by syringe liposuction method and fat can be injected into the labia majora 15cc on each side to give the good contour and cushion effect.


The vaginoplasty is very common and the fat fill to augment the labia majora is becoming very popular for the past 10years and very much demanded by the patient as it gives very good satisfaction during sexual relationship.


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