Cosmetic Surgeries

1: Gynaecomastia Surgery

5% of young male between the age of 15-25 are having bigger chest looking like a female breast and they feel very shy to remove the cloths in the sports ground. Even in the house they feel shy to remove the cloths in front of their parents. To overcome this we have to remove the male breast to boost up the morale and self confidence.

2: Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

Nose is the center point of attraction in the face. Even small defect in the nose will be projected enormously. So to produce the pleasing appearance we must have a perfect shape of the nose, which can be assured by rhinoplasty.

3: Liposuction (Fat Reduction Surgery)

Keeping the body contour slim and slender is the ambition for all, irrespective of the age. This can be achieved by liposuction, done by tumescent power assistant liposuction technique without producing any scar. This is the main treatment in the case of obesity which is resistant to diet and exercise

4: Mastopexy (Breast Surgery)

Breast is the main feature of the femininity. In case of small breast the breast augmentation (Breast Enlargement Surgery) with their own body fat graft or silicon implant is the only treatment. It can be done in young female for the purpose of getting married. This will not interfere with the breast feeding at all. On the contrary the bigger sagging breast causes inconvenienceĀ and pain in the shoulder and sometimes produces hunch back. So in these cases the size of breast can be reduced by Breast reduction surgery



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